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How To Whitening Teeth Naturally

Have a smile with white teeth is certainly helps to improve the general appearance of every person. It is like a business card that contributes to the first impression others on us.

Most of people realized that and searching the whitening teeth naturally tips and guide on the net to improve their appearance which related to the health and beauty.

Since it was happened to me, let me show you on how to whiten teeth with “Do-It-Yourself” concepts by using home remedies.

Whitening teeth naturally with baking soda

Yes, you read it right. I was used baking soda to whitening my teeth and It Works! But please don’t put an expectation that your teeth will sparkle like your favorite celebrities.

Baking soda is only used to help you rid off some of the tea and coffee stains from your teeth and give a cleaner look on your teeth set.

I know they are many DIY suggestions on how to whitening teeth naturally by using strawberries and lemon juice, but believe me those will do harm to your teeth by causing tooth cavities build up on your teeth. But if you want to give it try, just go ahead. What I’m saying here is based on my experience and I personally not recommend that.

The following is step by step illustration on how to whitening teeth naturally with baking soda.

  1. Brush your teeth first with ordinary toothpaste.
  2. Fill a glass with fresh and clean water.
  3. Take a small disposable cups (plastic or paper cups), a packet of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and a plastic spoon.
  4. Put in about 2 teaspoons in disposable cups.
  5. Give one or two drops of your favorite toothpaste into the cup to improve the taste. Mixing all those ingredients with a spoon.Put more baking soda until the paste reaches the consistency of regular toothpaste.
  6. Dip the toothbrush into the paste one.Cross out the paste on all sides of the toothbrush.
  7. Brush your teeth thoroughly with the paste.
  8. Wash your mouth well with water from the glass of step 2.
  9. Repeat the whole process once a week for the effectiveness.
  10. Watch the following video for proper instructions on how to whitening teeth with baking soda.

Tips & warnings when whitening teeth with baking soda

Many people believe that by using baking soda as the whitening teeth agent, it will helps to improve the white of teeth and give a positive effect if it done repeatedly but wisely. The teeth look whiter and the annoying stains disappear.

The baking soda contains acid, which releases oxygen in the oral cavity and thus triggers the whitening effect. It is easy with a little water sprinkled on the toothbrush and teeth are cleaned as usual.

The baking soda seems to be at first glance and as a great alternative to whitening teeth. Whitening teeth naturally with baking soda is not completely harmless, but there are several points to be observed.

  1. Do not swallow the paste since the taste is not delicious.
  2. The frequent brushing of the teeth with this paste can damage the tooth enamel, so please Do Not Overdo It!
  3. Consult a dentist if you’re using a special dental treatment (fillings, braces, etc.) to ensure that the respective funds are not damaged. Especially with braces it is better to refrain from applying baking soda.

Alternative product to whitening teeth naturally

A real alternative, which usually does not harm your teeth is by using the whitening teeth pen. While whitening teeth at the dentist cost you several hundred of dollars, cost of a whitening teeth pen is just $40 for each.

The active ingredient is actually the same as the baking soda, but it is more safely and was recommended by the professional dentists.

The application is very simple. Brush your teeth for 30 seconds, smiling and ready. The pen is used daily until it is exhausted.

Well, this is just my alternative to whitening teeth naturally. Maybe some of you have another great tips and want to share them to the others. Please do not hesitate to share your tips and opinion at the comment section. Thanks…

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