How To Removing Acne Scar

Nowadays, removing acne scar is not a hard process with the help of many different types of medications and creams for skin care.

As we know, most acne is forming from the result of skin glands producing too much oil, which collects impurity substances resulting in clogged pores and leading to acne and pimples. Deep pimples are more likely to leave scars, especially if they are let to be healed naturally.

If you have had so much trouble previously with acne scar on the face, and you can not go nicely with anyone, you may not have much of a difference now as well.

Research shows that nearly 2-3 of peoples who suffer from acne problems, such as pimples, whiteheads, rash and points blacks, it would certainly be a scar clear acne on your face for a long time.

How do the Acne Formed?

There is much debate on as to why acne is formed. It depends on the increased production of sebum or the formation of blackheads, or for the development of two anomalies that are formed in parallel in the same follicle?

The sebaceous glands produce large amounts of sebum in the first 3 months of life, which then gradually decreases to zero at 6 months of age. Around 7-8 years, there will another increasing in the secretion of sebum that salt still in the early age of puberty.

In both sexes, regardless of the presence or absence of acne, there is a gradual increase in the secretion of sebum from puberty and beyond, reaching a peak at around the age of 16-20 years. Thereafter, the level remains constant until there is a gradual reduction from 40 years onwards in women and about 50 years old in males.

In general, the rate of sebum secretion in men is significantly higher than women. Patients who suffer from acne are often have seborrhea and complain that it develops a greater lubricity (fat) of the skin and scalp that required a further washing. By measuring the secretion of sebum comes to understand that people with acne produce more ‘but’ after 40 years when the secretion of sebum decreases, the problem of ‘acne is still there’.

Depends not only on sebum produced then. Meanwhile, we try to understand why patients who suffer from acne occurs more ‘sebum. There may be a high level of hormones in circulation caused by: an abnormal increase in the production of androgens by the adrenal gland or gonads.

In conclusion, the acne is formed because there is an imbalance hormone. Few hormones or too many hormones does not matter, what we want is to resolve the matter. Diet and acne lotions help but the problem is resolved by looking to fix the phase of our hormones.

How do the Acne Scar Formed?

Acne scar is formed when your popped acne is trying to recover and the scar can sometime form permanently and takes a lot of work to remove. While other people may not even notice, whenever you look into the mirror, that acne scars are there and looks terrible to you.

Natural treatment for this scar is a viable option to conventional acne removal procedures, which would most likely leave side effects. Acne scar is actually a mark leftover on the skin after the acne has been treated and cured. With all the available choices for treatment, you surely would not have an excuse as to why your acne scar is still obvious.

Home Remedies to Removing Acne Scar

Removing Acne Scar Naturally and Healthy

I know that there are lots of acne scar removal products which can help you to rid of this problem easily. But in this post, I will show you how you can removing acne scar naturally and healthy. All the materials can be obtained from the market.

Tip #1: Take a piece of cassava. Peel the skin, wash and blend it. After that, squeeze it to get its juice. Spread the extraction juice on your acne scar. Do it every day for a week. God willing, it will vanish day by day.

Tip #2: Punch a few cinnamon sticks and make powder. Mix with a little water. Apply to the acne scars. Practice for a week.

Tip #3: Take 10 young betel leaves, clean and finely crushed. Face should be cleaned with warm water and rub the betel on your face especially on the acne scar. Allow for about half an hour or until it dry. Wash your face thoroughly and wipe dry. Practice 3 times a week.

Tip #4: In addition to the salads are tasty and nutritious, pennywort can also be used to remove the black marks on the face of acne scar. The trick is to grind the powder pennywort leaves and cold water. Put the batter in place of black marks acne scar on your face every day or every night before sleep. Pennywort powder mixture can be kept cool in the fridge to put them in a dry bottle.

These tips basically a traditional way to removing acne scar. I’m not sure if them will work or not on you, but it was worked for me. Try it first since it easy and the materials are chemical free. Well, see you on my next post. Wish you all the best.