How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

I believe, most people know that stress and anxiety are lead to the cause of a heart attack. I can say that it is one of the critical health problems which arise in our population. There are many practices that can help people to reduce stress and anxiety and also some mild forms of depression.

Numerous studies have confirmed that meditation is a good way to reduce the negative effects of a stressful life. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety. But, it isn’t the only one. There are many effective ways that I’m sure will help you in facing your stressful life.

Topics reviewed on stress and anxiety

I know that stress and anxiety can lead to other dangerous health problems such as panic and heart attacks. Thus, as my responsibility to our community, I will show you some basic tips on how to reduce stress and anxiety effectively. Several of the topics which I’ll cover in this post including:

  1. Stress and anxiety: What they are?
  2. 13 ways to reduce stress and anxiety effectively
  3. Reduce stress and anxiety with Rosemary (Video)
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Stress and anxiety: What they are?

Stress : It is an emotion that affects us all in varying degrees to the point which is often leave a permanent traces in our psyche. Stress can cause enormous problems of adaptation and in extreme cases cause panic in the death of those victims. But stress is primarily a daily experience, a warning mechanism, a complex method implemented by each individual to establish a relationship with its environment and explore with its inherent risks.

Anxiety : It is fear of the unknown reason. It is often say that anxiety is triggers the panic attacks or anxiety attacks. Anxiety disorders are manifested in a variety of ways. Most of psychiatrists say, the root of anxiety is depression. People who are depressed often feel anxious.

13 ways to reduce stress and anxiety effectively

Meditate relaxation techniques

The natural relaxation for the body is a very effective way to reduce stress. Relaxation techniques through breathing, visualization, yoga or progressive muscle relaxation can help you do good and to activate the mechanisms of natural relaxation of your body. Just spend about 5 minutes while you in shower, and you’ll feel free from stress and anxiety. Practiced regularly, these activities lead to a continuous reduction in your level of daily stress.

Exercise regularly

Have a physical activity has a key role in reducing and preventing the effects of stress and anxiety. Book yourself at least half an hour of exercise three times a week. There is nothing better than aerobics or running on foot to relax and relieve stress-related tension. If you too busy with your works, then spend about 5 minutes before or after your breakfast is enough. Choose to practice the basic exercises. It was proven that by do exercise, it help you reduce stress and anxiety.

Eat your favorite food

I’m not telling that you need to go out and binge eat in order to reduce your stress and anxiety. It’s obviously not a better way or stratergy since it can arise another problem such as overweight and obesity. However, you’re allowed to delight in your most favorite foods when things get notably stressed out. I would like to recommend you to eat bananas because it contains many nutrients which help manage the nervous system and makes body feel more relaxed.

Reduce caffeine and sugar intake

The so-called energy foods loaded with sugar or coffee often end up causing a huge imbalance of energy and mood in the late afternoon.High caffeine can lead you to the extreme anxiety and depression. By reducing your consumption of coffee, chocolate, candy bar or energy drink in your diet, you will feel more relaxed and you’ll sleep better. I know it sounds tough, but in oder to reduce stress and anxiety effects, it is recommended to change it with green tea.

Drink hot tea

Coffee increases levels of hormones contribute for stress, while green tea offers health and beauty. Chamomile tea is traditionally, the favorite drink to help reduce stress and anxiety. Black tea can be a fighter of stress too, from what researchers at University College London reported. Participants who drank black tea regularly showed a lower cortisol levels and reported feeling calmer during six weeks of stressful situations compared to those who drank coffee.

Get enough sleep

Under stress and anxiety condition, the body needs time to recover. An adequate amount of sleep allows your mind and your body to recover its energy. The feeling of being tired will increase your stress because you may have confused ideas because of fatigue. Some sleep researchers have discovered that the brain needs time to delete or recount the events of the day, same as way a computer which is needs to clean its hard drive to create space for the day.

Imagine yourself relaxed

Is your mind too talkative to meditate? Try creating a peaceful visualization, or “dream.” To start, simply visualize anything that keeps your mind away from the current tensions. It could be a favorite vacation spot, a fantastic island, a luxurious top floor apartment in New York – or something you love like your favorite silk robe or your life comfortable. The goal is to change ideas so that you do not get stressed out and replaced by an image that causes calm.

Take deep breaths

Try this: let go a big sigh, dropping your chest and exhaling gently pinching the lips. Now imagine your lower belly, or center as a place deep and powerful. Concentrate on your breathing which comes and goes. Inhale, feel your belly full, your sides and your lower back expand. Exhale, sighing again as you let your chest and feel your stomach, back and sides contracted. Repeat 10 times, you relax more fully each time.

Listen to music

Music can motivate, inspire and the important part, it can reduce stress and anxiety. The music just to calm the heartbeat and relieve the soul is what the experts say. So when things go wrong, take a detour by aligning your musical heartbeat slow tempo of a song relaxing or maybe you prefer classical music. Research shows that 30 minutes of listening to classical music can have calming effects equivalent to taking 10mg of Valium.

Show a little love

Induce the relaxation response, patting your pet, give a hug to an unexpected friend or family member, snuggle up against your spouse or a friend to talk about the good things in your life. When you do, you will reduce stress and anxiety levels. Why? As said by experts, social interaction helps your brain to think better, encouraging you to see new solutions to what has previously been impossible. Studies have also shown that physical contact – like petting your dog or cat – may actually lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress hormones.

Reduce stress and anxiety with sex

Various international studies show that frequent sexual intercourse are give huge of benefits to our health such as reduction stress, reduced cardiovascular disease and reduced risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer. Sex is a weapon against stress. At the time of orgasm, the brain releases endorphins, hormones of pleasure. I guess, it is the perfect remedy against depression or anxiety. And without doubt, happiness makes beautiful.

Try self-massage

When your muscles are tense and you do not have time to go see a professional, try this simple self-massage. Relax and fly Zen straight at home.

  1. Place both hands on your shoulders and neck.
  2. Press with your fingers and palms.
  3. Rub vigorously and keeping your shoulders relaxed.
  4. Wrap one hand around your forearm.
  5. Squeeze the muscles with the thumb and fingers.
  6. Up and down your elbow to your fingertips and start over.
  7. Repeat with other arms.

Herbal medicine

I recommend a 100% natural dietary supplement that contains magnesium marine, royal jelly, poppy, passion and propolis. It will help you reduce stress and anxiety without any adverse effects. Magnesium is a mineral that is often lacking in the diets of many people. It ensures the transmission of nerve impulses and preserves neuromuscular function. It is therefore a factor which plays a role as anti-stress acts as a relaxing nervous system.

Reduce stress and anxiety with Rosemary (Video)

The above D-I-Y video shows you how to prepare a herbal medicine with rosemary. Most of people don’t know that rosemary is one of the best herbal medicine to reduce stress and anxiety. Just spend your time about 2 minutes to watch the video. Hope that you’ll find a nice and valueable inputs.

That’s it, 13 ways on how to reduce stress and anxiety naturally. We should take a step to move away from these problem. I know that there are many other ways and products to reduce stress and anxiety out there. But at least this is as an alternative way and hope that these tips will help you to reduce stress and anxiety. Wish all of you, good luck.

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