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How To Prevent Hair Loss

How to prevent hair loss – When an individual begins to experience thinning hair or baldness for whatever reason, their first reaction is usually negative. Which is then followed by panic when there is no denying the hair loss is occurring again.

However, instead of doing something to try to prevent hair loss immediately, the surgical procedure of hair transplantation could be the option. Transplants should in fact be the last resort in order to capture the hair loss begins.

Topics Reviewed on Hair Loss

This post discusses the wide range of opinions that surround this problem and what you need to do to get a response. If you’re looking tips to prevent hair loss, well you’re dropping by at the right place. I’m gonna review some of the information and facts related to the hair loss problem including:

  1. Hair Loss Causes
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Hair Loss Causes

How many times have you read about the reasons for hair loss? I bet you’ve read so many articles from the countless sources that make your head spins. Who is right and who’s wrong and what is likely? The answers to these questions are available at different angles depending on who you talk with.

There are many ways to prevent hair loss. But knowing the causes of hair loss may help you to cope with this issue. Here are some of the causes in the hair loss problem.

  1. Hormones
    Dihydro-testosterone is an important hormone, which accumulates in the uppermost layers of the head. It was the main cause a strong loss of hair. In several of people, this process is much faster. Therefore more prone to balding men than women. So, if the content of the hormone you have improved, most likely a hormonal you inherited. And if you are in the genus have been men who were bald, the most likely and awaits the same fate. From genes to fight virtually impossible. However, there are still ways to help keep your hair healthy.
  2. Childbirth
    Hair loss in women is associated with not one reason, they have several – This period of reconstruction of the female body after childbirth, and hormonal changes that inevitably occur when a woman is just beginning sexual activity, as well as menopause and other causes.
  3. Environment
    Increased radiation background, various harmful air emissions – these factors may also affect your hair. Use of medications especially antibiotics and hormones which also can disrupt the development of hair follicles. It is better to wean themselves at the slightest hint of illness, seize drugs. And to take medicines without consulting a doctor is not recommended.
  4. Stress
    Stress accompanies us everywhere either at home or in the workplace. Be resistant to stress, do not succumb to the provocation party, and applies to everything calmly. After all, it is due to stress. We prematurely age there is a graying, wrinkles, so all health, in general, can very falter. Try to learn how to reduce stress and anxiety wisely.
  5. The purity of the water you drink
    It’s no secret that in our pipelines flowing water is far from perfectly clean. The fact that the hardness of water increased continuously – not the biggest trouble is often present in the water are very harmful impurities, but they do not exactly help to make our hair more luxuriant. It happens that people wash houses, and brushing after shampooing, to find a lot of hair comb. But should a person move to another place of residence at a clean area? Of course you can but unfortunately, this does not solve the problem of hair loss.
  6. Hair Dye
    Hair dye is a problem for many men and women. A large variety of colors to any color and taste, forcing many to repaint your natural hair color. Over time, you realize that your hair is not like before. In a choice of hair color generally cheaper than the better does not work. Dyed once a cheap paint, you later regret that it did. At the beginning of your hair was smooth and gentle. But after the first washing of the head, it is hard as steel “wire” and not possible to comb. But it turned out to be flowers, then the hair began to fall and the hair loss problem raised.

These are a few causes of hair loss problems. There are more causes include improper care of the scalp, hair various diseases, malnutrition, and poor blood supply to the scalp.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

How to know that you are facing hair loss problem or not? Well, you can do a small test. Pick up a small bundle of hair and pull it. If after this, your hands will remain 3.4 hairs, then it’s time to “sound the alarm”. Immediately raises the question: “How to prevent hair loss?”

Prevent hair loss can, if properly care for them. A central point of care is considered the correct shampoo. At first glance, it seems that this is a very simple procedure but in reality, there are some subtleties. Here are some easy step to help to prevent hair loss:-

  1. First – You need to determine how often you can wash your hair. It depends on the type of hair: greasy wash 3-4 times a week, normal – 1-2 times a week, well, dry hair rather than 1 time.
  2. Second – Before washing the hair, it is advisable to massage your scalp with olive or rose oil diluted with mineral water. Massage increases blood circulation in the vessels of the head, thus increasing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the base of the hair which helps to prevent hair loss.
  3. Third – Wash your hair with a good quality shampoo. It is desirable that the ingredients consist of those vitamins that can prevent hair loss. These include vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, and vitamin F.

To prevent hair loss, you need to discover more tips and guides in other to cope with this problem. Normally, I will find as many as possible the alternative solution to prevent my hair from going baldness. Honestly, it scared me enough if it really happens to me.

I’m very concerned about the hair loss problem. In the way to prevent it happen, I’ve done many things that can help me to get healthy hair. Here are some simple ways that I’ve done on myself which you can do by yourself at home:

Prevent hair loss with home remedies

If you do not trust modern shampoos, you can use home remedies, such as egg yolk. It is separated from the protein and poured into a saucer. Comb your hair and parted fingers lightly rub the yolk, slightly dampening with water. Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. You can also use grain gruel. Take a quarter of black bread, crusts cut off, pour hot water in large containers. Half an hour later, the grain slurry is applied to the hair, soaked with water. Leave for 15 minutes, then wash off. These home remedies are harmless, they strengthen the hair bulb, thus allowing you to prevent hair loss.

Prevent hair loss with decoction rinsing

Of course, everyone knows that the final stage of washing the hair is rinsed. Just like that, without any additives to rinse your hair is not recommended, especially if you want to prevent hair loss. Necessarily need to use specially adapted for this medium, such as balms, conditioners, and air conditioning. It perfectly strengthens hair. But if you have dry hair type, it is best to rinse them with an infusion of sage, plantain, and dandelion. To this end, the grass is placed in a bowl, pour a glass of boiling water, and boil with the lid closed for 5-10 minutes. If the leaves are fresh, they are washed in boiled water 2 times, finely cut with a knife. One tablespoon of this mixture is placed in a bowl and pour hot water. Insist under the lid for 10 minutes, covered with a towel. Rinsing your hair with decoction water is actually helps you to prevent hair loss.

Prevent hair loss with natural plants

If you notice that your hair falls too much and the comb after combing them is enough, take the dry rhizome of calamus, hop cones, burdock root, and calendula flowers and mix them together. Taking each ingredient to 1 tablespoon. Then pour in with 1 liter of boiling water and let it brew for about 2 hours, then strain. Prepare the infusion rub into the scalp, the blot on your hair, and cover your head with a warm towel for a couple of hours. Hair in no case is washed and dried. Let them dry naturally. This procedure is desirable to spend a day up to the apparent recovery.

All the above tips are proven to help me to keep my hair in healthy condition and PROVED can Help to Prevent Hair Loss for most people. These are just alternative ways to cope with the problem of hair baldness. If all the above tips for hair care, you never have to puzzle over the question of how to prevent hair loss.

How To Prevent Hair Loss (Video)

References and Resources

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