How To Lose Weight Naturally

Today, the lose weight topic has become hot and more popular among our population. Since many of us aware of the possible disease which may be obtained from the overweight and obesity problem, people are doubling their effort to find and search the tips on how to lose weight naturally on the internet.

Lose weight naturally is easy but requires a huge effort and discipline. And you should know that losing weight is a slow process, the transition to a health-conscious diet and exercise or movement, does assume that.

The most asked questions: Is it possible to lose weight naturally? Are there tips, guidelines, or products that would change your appearance from a fat man/woman to a handsome guy and beautiful woman?

Topics reviewed on lose weight

As we know, overweight and obesity are both related to the weight problem and among of the major health problems that arise in our community. I’m not very sure if you’re concern about that, but I am. I learnt from what I’ve seen. And I found it as a serious health problem. I don’t want it happen either on me, my wife, children, families and all my friends.

Thus, as my responsibility to our community, I have to come up with some ways to cope with the excessive weight problem. Topics that I’ll review on lose weight including:-

  1. Lose weight naturally – Is it possible?
  2. Tips on how to lose weight naturally
  3. Exercise and fitness tips to lose weight naturally
  4. Do and don’t in lose weight campaign
  5. Recommended products that help to lose weight

Lose weight naturally – Is it possible?

Well the answer is YES, it is possible. Today, there are many tips and products which may help you to lose weight naturally. Some of companies came up with a lose weight product and sell them at the market and also on the internet.

And if you like to lose weight without spending your money and won’t make any investment, you can search tips and guidelines on how to lose weight naturally on the internet. I believe that there are lots of websites and blogs written the lose weight tips which definitely help you to change your fat body into a perfect slim body.

Note: In order to lose weight, you need a precise effort and commitment from yourselves. Without effort and commitment, the process of losing weight would meet with the failure ending.

Tips on how to lose weight naturally

Here are some tips on how to lose weight naturally and control your weight without using drugs or any chemical products. If you practice the all suggested tips, I believe you can feel the differences and its effect.

Figure out the food calories

Figure out the calories which will you obtain from the foods taken. It will help you to imagine the effect of foods whether they help to lose weight or not. You must know that in order to lose weight, calories that we take must be less than what we can burn. Record all the foods and drinks that were taken in a small book as a reference. You can use Taylor Biggest Loser 6.6 Pounds Kitchen Scale to help figure out the calories which present by every food.

Drink at least 8 glasses a day

Water can reduce your appetite naturally and helps the body to burn or metabolize fat in the body. Before taking a heavy-food, try to drink water. You definitely will not eat a lot since your stomach full of water. I recommend that you drink water at least 8 glasses a day to help you lose weight quickly. Avoid drinking carbonated drinks. Carbonated beverages typically contain 7-8 tablespoons of sugar which is not good for health and possibly can gain your weight.

Do not block the high calorie foods

It is not recommended to block the high-calorie foods completely from your daily meals. If you are determined to not eat fatty foods anymore, it is the wrong decision. Do not do that because your body still needs fat, but in proper doses and not excessive. Try to balance your meals with something more nutritious.

Do not let stomach empty

Food gives us energy. If we use less energy than what we take, our body will be “surprised”. The body will start burning muscle to replace the food. This will result in a lower metabolism rate. If you let your stomach empty and then you can’t stand the hunger, it actually encourages you to eat more. At this time, even though the level of your food intake had returned to normal levels, but the metabolism is still low. This causes it to burn calories at the same stage again.

Take something bitter before meals

Drink or gargle a cup of coffee in a few seconds before enjoying your meals. This method will help and causing the throat to feel bitter and send a signal to the brain in order to stimulate the secretion of enzymes and HCL acid. Lack of enzymes and HCL acid in the stomach can cause digestive inefficiencies. Just try it to see the effectiveness and I believe you will agree with me that bitter foods or drinks can help in your lose weight campaign.

Reduce salt intake

Salt is always relating to high blood pressure which is can lead to heart attack disease. In lose weight diet, it also contributes to the gain of weight. High salt intake promotes water retention. What’s the relation between salt and body weight? It is like an osmosis process. When your body consumes much of salt, it means that you need much of water to neutralize it. Reduce salt intake means your body retaining little water. This means you are less severe because of the water.

Focus on healthy, not skinny

I like to discuss this topic for those who eager to lose weight fast. Actually, most people who successfully lose weight in the long term objectives basically will change their mindset from wanting to be thin into healthy. Set your mind to choose foods that can provide the optimal nutrients and nourishment to your body. You can refer to the food guide pyramid for the suggested foods which can be included in your diet plan meals.

Take your breakfast

Most of the people on diet are misunderstood. The might think that by excluding the breakfast can help them to lose weight. The fact is FALSE, do not exclude your breakfast. According to a study, those who don’t take their breakfast are more likely to overweight than those who took it. How does it happen? Breakfast is stabilizing the hormone and blood sugar levels. It means that breakfast is helping to increase the metabolism rate to burn calories.

Plan your meals wisely

The best cooking methods to reduce the number of calories in food is by grilling or steaming boil. Especially for vegetables, you can saute them with a little bit of oil. It is best if you can avoid the use of oil or animal fat. For the meals, I would recommend you to choose vegetables first right before the meat. For details about the suggested lose weight meals, you can refer to the Customized Meal Generators & Calculators tool to help you choose the daily healthy meals.

Diet of fruit

Did you ever hear about the diet of fruit before? Fruit can help you to burn your fat, especially for acidic fruits. It does not only help you to lose weight but it also gives you several vitamins needed by your body. I recommend you eat fruits after enjoyed your meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can eat the orange, lemon, strawberry, bananas, watermelon, etc. Not even that, you can turn them into juice as your daily drinks.

Overcome emotional pressure

Some of my findings show that unstable emotion such as stress and anxiety frequently makes or cause you to eat a lot. So it is recommended that you find other ways to deal with the problem that you’re facing to the person that you may think can help to decrease the sadness and depression. You may talk to your counselor or maybe do some activities which may encourage you to overcome your stress.

Exercise regularly

Plenty of movement and exercise will burn excess calories. There are many ways for you to exercise including, jogging, going to the gym, and so forth. You also may do the physical activity in your daily life by cycling to work, replace the elevator with the stairs, walk to restaurants, or even sit-ups while watching TV.

The health experts recommend exercising 30-45 minutes 3-5 times a week. It may be difficult for you to launch up your exercise to 45 minutes a day. Why not start by 10 minutes, 3 times a day so you do not strain yourself, and most importantly, discipline yourself to do it every day.

Exercise and fitness tips to lose weight naturally

Do and do not in lose weight campaign


  1. Try to drink warmed water (not too hot or cold) for at least 2 liters a day.
  2. Eat plenty of vegetables and soy-based foods.
  3. You’re allowed to eat meat, fish, or seafood but not in excessive amounts.
  4. You’re strongly recommended to do exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for the effectiveness of your lose weight campaign.

Do not

  1. Eat high carbohydrate foods such as rice or bread.
  2. Eat food that contains high sugar/salt such as salted fish, soy sauce, chili sauce, yogurt, and other sweet oranges.
  3. Eat frozen (freeze food) food such as burgers, fish balls, sausages, and so forth.
  4. Do not or reduce the intake of caffeine beverages such as tea, coffee, and chocolate because of caffeine makes the fat burning slow.

The above tips are my personal ways to lose weight. However, please do some research, identity, and finding more the right ways or techniques on how to lose weight naturally. You always need to read, try, and implement the techniques that were studied. Otherwise, the attempt to lose weight will be in vain without any consistent action.

Start your weight loss program little by little and not too drastic. Cut a little of high-calorie foods and substitute them with the healthy food. Replace sweetened beverages with water. Minor changes will normally be more enduring than a drastic change.

And do not forget that motivation is one of the main key factors in the process of losing weight naturally. Get support from loved ones and get the expert’s advice so you do the right diet program with a full spirit!

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