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How To Increase Appetite

The most haunting question faced by young people and others today who are underweight is the question of how to increase your appetite and gain weight fast. Gain weight is as difficult as lose weight when you’re naturally thin. It may take some time to make the desired weight, and have a high patient is a must.

However, it is not tough these days due to the introduction of a lot of weight gain programs introduced by weight gain experts. Young people today are more willing to get a proportioned body, and to attain this goal they are following a number of gain weight programs that are available on the internet.

Before getting into the basic guidelines of a solid weight gain program, what a lot of these proven weight gain systems advocate is eating more then you think is possible. Let’s face it, in order to gain weight fast you need to eat ALOT. This is only possible if you have a huge appetite. So it would be in your best interest to learn strategies for how to increase appetite so that every time you are required to eat, it won’t feel like a chore.

How cardio exercise helps you gain weight?

If you can overcome to obstacle of not viewing eating as something you hate, you are half weight to reaching your weight gain goals! Some tips to increase your appetite include doing a short high intensity cardio workout once per week and eating smaller meals more regularly throughout the day, as it can be difficult stomaching a lot of food in one sitting.

Don’t overdo the cardio training though, it will be detrimental to your weight and muscle gains, however, high intensity exercise has shown to increase appetite shortly after working out and for the rest of the day, which compensates for the calories burned during exercise. Here’s a related video for cardio exercise.

People who follow a balanced daily diet find it easy to gain or maintain weight because they can monitor their daily intake of calories and other nutrition. In addition, it becomes easy to rectify bad eating habits if the diet is followed on a daily basis.

The basic calorie requirement for gaining healthy body weight varies from person to person. It depends on a person’s level of physical labor, lifestyle, body composition, and gender.

The average quantity of calories required by a female to gain weight is 2,500-3,000 calories per day, and the average quantity of calories required by a male is usually 3,000-4,000 calories per day. The calorie requirement of the body can also be affected by other factors, like age and weight. Sticking to a daily weight gain diet program helps in gaining weight and other health-related issues.

Here is a sample daily meal plan to gain weight

  1. Meal 1: One banana and a cup of oatmeal
  2. Meal 2: A scoop of whey protein
  3. Meal 3: 4 pieces of chicken breast, a cup of spinach
  4. Meal 4: A cup of strawberries (frozen), a banana, a kiwi, a cup of orange juice, two scoops whey.
  5. Meal 5: 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, a cup of whole milk.

These simple meals can change your take on the question of “how to increase your appetite and gain weight” permanently, provided the program is followed daily with sincerity and determination.

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