How To Get Six Packs Abs

Often you do repeatedly rise (sit-ups) to get six packs abs is not it? But do these techniques really effective? There was a study done by the American Council on Exercise that several other types of abdominal exercises are more effective than usual to rise uninterruptedly.

However, to get six packs abs is not only focusing on the belly area. If you have read my post about losing weight naturally, you may found that diet and cardio exercise are the main factors to remove fat. Six-packs abs can’t be achieved if you do not remove the accumulated fat on the abdomen area.

Six Packs Abs – How To Get It?

Well, Big muscles covered in fat. Rather, how little you seem? But you do not get too worried to say exercise does not mean anything because the stomach to maintain the greatness of these muscles, calories also be used.
Okay, so here are some example of exercises which may help you to get six packs abs in just a few months if you follow and do it frequently.

10 Ways of Exercise To Get Six Packs Abs

1) Bicycle Exercise

The most effective techniques for the stomach when you are with the bicycle exercise. This exercise focuses on the rectus abdominis (stomach) and the oblique muscle (hip)

The trick, lie on the floor and place your hands behind the ears. Lift your left or right knee as high as 45 degrees as close to your stomach and do as you are pedaling a bicycle pedal. Touch the opposite elbow to your knee lift. For example, if you lift your left knee left knee make sure you come in contact with your right elbow and did it many times as you pedal a bicycle pedal.

Make sure you do not pull your neck forward too. Just make sure your shoulders lifted slightly, and not your back. After you lift your knees to make sure it is straight forward no matter how many degrees. For maximum impact, slightly lift up to 45 degrees from the floor.

2) Captain’s Chair Leg Raise

Seats as above you can find in any gym though. The concept is simple, put your hand on the hand pad and then you will make yourself dependent and lift your legs. Make sure your knees bend and straighten your knee is not that exercise is more focused on the abdomen rather than the hips.

If you’re creative, you can do this technique anywhere. You can put two chairs and hold this seat, and at the same time, you do what I mentioned above. Not be swinging when you lift the knee to give the best results in the abdomen.

3) Ball Crunch Exercise

The concept is the same as usual but got up repeatedly this exercise ball workout than lying on the floor. This exercise also focused on the rectus abdominis muscle. What causes this exercise is more effective because the legs are often involved in conducting regular drills to rise against the use of exercise balls, exercise will only involve the stomach only.

Put your back and not back on the exercise ball. Make sure your hands are placed behind the ears or crossed on his chest. Lay yourself as much as possible on a medicine ball and use your stomach to develop the body. Then repeat 16-18 times per set. Do as much as 2 to 3 sets.

4) Vertical Leg Crunch

This exercise you have to lift your feet while standing on opposite sides. As always lift your body as you rise up and do the normal ups in 2 to 3 sets in each set and lower your legs close to the floor for maximum impact. Each set you can do 16-18 repetitions.

5) Torso Track

This technique is less preferred because it will cause spinal pain and it is not recommended, then I suggest you not use this technique.

6) Long Arm Crunch

The difference you need to stretch your hand to rise uninterruptedly.How this increased level of difficulty in doing the drills to rise as is the weight of your hand. You can modify this technique by holding a weight or Dumbell when doing this activity. But should you need to straighten your arms perpendicular to the floor. From activities to activities you can add the weights according to your ability.

7) Reverse Crunch

If you frequently use the head to lift the body, this time you use the foot instead. This technique is more felt at the bottom of your stomach even though it involves all of your abdominal muscles.

Push your knee close to chest. Means that once your back is also gone. Make sure your hands are acting as the base with some stretches on the floor. The best way is to lift your hips. It is easy and simple actions.

8) Full Vertical Crunch

In this technique involves the muscles above and below your stomach. You need to stretch your legs and place your hands behind your ears. Then you use your head and your legs forming the letter ‘U’ in this way is difficult and not very effective.

9) Ab Roller

This tool you can find in any gym, but not all places have equipment like this. What a difference it provides protection at the neck and your head when doing the movement arose repeatedly. But you do not need this tool to exercise the best in your stomach.

10) Plank Exercise

This technique gives good resistance in muscle in the abdomen and back. Create an action as you do push-ups and then place your front hand on the floor. Make sure your back upright instead of approaching the floor and away from the floor. Perform for 30 seconds to 60 seconds and do as much as 3 to 5 times.

‘Less is more’. No need to waste the energy to do all such techniques if you know which techniques are more effective in developing six packs abs. You can select the top two techniques to get maximum impact. 2 or 3 techniques alone are sufficient. But if you want to do a variety, not one to do it. It depends on you.

You want to get maximum results? Eat a diet revealed at least 2kg in a week. To get a lump in your stomach 6 require a proper diet and does not depend only on the exercise only.