How To Get Pregnant Fast

Get pregnant fast is most dreaded by every couple who married for years and desired to have a baby fast. Some of them can get pregnant fast and easily, some can’t. How it can be?

Actually, certain of couples have forgotten the need to understand the basics of how to get pregnant fast and when a good time to get pregnant. They could see an opportunity by focusing more on their support and other features of lifestyle to know later that they face difficulty conceiving when they need to.

About a few weeks ago, I have posted some tips on how to determine a baby sex which is covering the guide on how to plan the baby gender. As my expectation, many of the readers give good feedback regarding the given tips. Some of them have suggested that I should make a post about the tips on how to get pregnant fast and easily since there are readers who complained that they find it difficult to conceive.

Topics reviewed on how to get pregnant fast

A child is like a medicine in sadness, stress, and other mental illness problems. I believe that most of you will agree with my statement. But unfortunately, getting pregnant is not easy for several women. In this post, I’m gonna show you some tips that strongly recommended if you desire to get pregnant fast and naturally. Topics that will be discussed including:

  1. How the pregnancy happens (Video)
  2. Tips to get pregnant fast and naturally
  3. Do and don’t get pregnant fast
  4. References and resources

How the pregnancy happens (Video)

Tips to get pregnant fast and naturally

Are you ready to get pregnant? And treat it with the same as it once for a career? Okay, here some quick tips to get pregnant fast which everyone knows but no one really implements it. Sometimes the REAL power lies in a little thing.

Best time to perform sexual

It is important for every couples who want a child to know about the best time to have sex. From my finding, it is best to have a sex while the woman is in fertilize period (the production of eggs @ ovulation). When and how to find the exact fertile period? You can get an ovulation test kit at the nearest pharmacies. Ovulation kits can help you to determine the fertilize time exactly which is help and increase the chance to get pregnant. You should know that a mature egg only lives for 24 hours, while the sperm can live 48-72 hours in a woman’s cervix. Therefore, it is recommended that to have a sex intercourse before the time of ovulation process happen.

The frequence of sexual intercourse

It depends on each couple. There is no exact figure or fact to show how much times of the sex intercourse that you need to do in order to get pregnant. There are some women who have pregnant with one-time of intercourse but there are also several of women that need more to get pregnant. However, the most important thing is how often the sex intercourse that you did while in fertilize period. If you want get pregnant fast, just be sure to having sex during on the fertilize period frequently. Focus on your goal to get pregnant.

Enjoying the sex intercourse

Several of studies show that when a woman has reached or achieved her orgasm (the climax during sex), she’s actually forming the alkaline environment in her vagina. This condition is suitable and mostly help sperm to move actively, instead of the normal vagina. If you (woman) reach orgasm at the same time or shortly after your partner ejaculated, chance of the sperm survive until the cervix – uterus – is higher.

Sexual position

Sexual positions that I recommended below may increase the likelihood of pregnancy. The best sex positions for pregnancy is by let your husband on and you at the bottom. Place a small pillow on your hips to accommodate and force the sperm be gathered at the cervix for 15 minutes or more after both reach the climax. This situation would facilitate the sperm to travel into the womb.

Caution: Do not use a large and too high pillow since it will cause the sperm collected immediately behind the uterus. This situation will makes sperm difficult to swim and join with the egg cell. The sexual positions that should be avoided if you want get pregnant is the position of women on top, sitting or standing which will cause some of the sperm out from the vagina. Means that, only a few of remaining sperm that try to swim towards the egg cell (Law of gravity).

Lie down after the sex intercourse ends

There is no evidence or studies shows that if you not move after the sex intercourse will increase the potential to get pregnant fast. I’m expecting that the sperm is actually already in the cervix just after ejaculation. Means there is a need to worry about that. However, you are encouraged to give time for the sperm to travel into the cervix as described previously.
Caution: Do not clean up your vagina with a cleanse liquid after the sexual intercourse finished. The cleanse liquid is basically consist of toxics which will do “harm” to sperm.

Do not overdo it

Standing sex during ovulation does not necessarily increase the chances of get pregnant fast. The value of sperm decreases with frequent ejaculation. In general, having sex every night during ovulation is doubling the chances to get pregnant since sperm can remain active for up to 72 hours. But, if you like to have sex more often, your husband should test his semen after multiple ejaculations. The test will help determine the level of sperm’s activity.

Speaking about good reproductive ability of sperm, experts recommend that every men should not to wear tight clothes, not too often use the sauna and do not wear a mobile phone in the genital area. A recent study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility showed that men who used the hands free device, leaving the phone in his trouser pocket, and in the groin area, has worsened the quality of sperm.

Stay cool and relax

Each couples should always be calm and resolute in the face all the stress and anxiety. Stress associated with attempts to conceive a child, can affect the ovulation process. It can also cause sexual dysfunction and fear of possible failure in men. Use any of the healthy opportunities that will help you relax.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Basic health care is most important. Make sure your body enough nutrients. It should be noted that healthy women who are pregnant will be easier than having excessive weight or less.
Regular exercise – this is helpful, but excessive exercise can lead to a lack of ovulation. Experts believe that exercise seven days a week for 45-50 minutes a day can lead to problems with ovulation. This does not mean you have to give up exercise, you just have to reduce the level of intensity.

If you are adherent of heavy physical exertion, it can affect the second half of the menstrual cycle. The best option of healthy lifestyles will be a 30-minute aerobic exercises such as walking, also a correct diet and proper diet will help you conceive faster.

Do and don’t in get pregnant fast

If you want to get pregnant fast, you should know the things that you can do and can’t (Taboo). All the following lists are basic and simple tips to help you get pregnant:


  1. Regularly have sex. If you regularly have sex two or three times a week, at some point you will almost certainly fall into the most fertile period. For healthy couples who want to become pregnant, there is no such thing as too frequent intercourse. For most couples it may be all that is required for conception.
  2. Have sex once a day in the period before ovulation. Daily intercourse during the days preceding ovulation may increase the likelihood of conception. Although the concentration of sperm your partner is somewhat reduced after intercourse, this decline in healthy men is not critical.
  3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Watch your weight, exercise regularly, adhere to the principles of healthy eating, try to reduce stress. The same principles will stand you and your child in good stead during pregnancy.
  4. Complete a general examination before the onset of pregnancy. The doctor can check your overall health and give some advises on what action should be taken to a future pregnancy was without complications. Examination before the onset of pregnancy is especially recommended in cases where one partner has a chronic illness.
  5. Take your vitamins. Folic acid has a very important influence on fetal development. Taking prenatal vitamins or folic acid one month before conception and during the first trimester of pregnancy, you reduce the risk of fetal neural tube defects by 70%.


  1. Smoking – Tobacco use causes changes in cervical mucus that may prevent the penetration of sperm to the egg. Smoking can also increase the likelihood of spontaneous abortion and reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. It also affect the estrogen levels and ovulation.
  2. Drink alcohol. If you are pregnant or want to get pregnant, alcohol intake should be excluded.
  3. Take medications prescribed by the doctor. Some medicines and biologically active additives may prevent pregnancy, while others may be harmful to pregnant women.
  4. Eat junk foods, fast food, and all kinds of citrus foods. It is recommended to exclude the carbonated beverages drinks from your daily meals.

I hope that these tips will help you to get pregnant fast and naturally. You need to know, only 30% of the total sperm meets egg in the uterus will work to make pregnancy, while 70% are failing even though you have been doing it right. So you have to wait and try again.

If you have tried up to 1 year without results, it is important that to see a specialist or doctor to get treatment and consultation for the best.

Soul-mate, sustenance and children are the rules and the grace of God. However, you should grab it and do the best. Most importantly, the attitude of openness between the husband and wife to the same thinking, talking and trying to get the children.

plan your sexual relationship with the sincere intention, praying to God and follow the orders and advice from your doctor. God willing, you will succeed.

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