How To Gain Weight Effectively

We always hear about diets to lose weight, but there are also people with excessive thinness that need diets to gain weight.

Found that thinness is not secondary to any physical or mental disease, the diet to gain weight must comply with the same parameters of the other diets, which must be balanced in nutrients, varied, enjoyable, and personalized which is designed on a single person who will follow.

All these factors added together to determine your difficulty to gain weight

First, you must understand that getting fat or increase fat mass is always and almost negative. For example, a person who has 56 kg (1 kg underweight) with (say) 5 kg to 60 kg of total body fat with 9 kg of body fat. So his goal is not just gaining weight, he also needs to know how to increase lean body mass.

So here’s the thing you should do to increase the lean body mass:

  1. Eat more calories than you consume (500 per day).
  2. Adopt a diet made up of about 50% carbohydrate, 30% fat, and 20% protein.
  3. follow an expansion program with weights.

I realize that if you do not have a conscience food developed, the first two points are very difficult. But is there a way to simplify them, but not that you calculate from Escude, at least approximately, the daily calories.

You can start with a meal plan by 3500 kcal per day, assuming protein foods in all three main meals.

Each week you must focus on the goal of increasing one kg per month for the first 5-6 months. If you raise more, then cut 200 calories a day, if not increases, an increase of 200 kcal per day. If you can not eat everything that you need to gain weight, you can use specific gain weight supplements that are called “gainers”.

After that, you should consider the results and see how much fat and how much muscle you’ve gained. In the summer, I suggest you train with weights blander. Working on more flexibility with stretching and doing aerobic sports to eliminate some ‘rigidity that training with the weights involved.

Then the next winter will decide whether to increase a few more kg diet and starting over with reinforcement. Otherwise, the gym is no longer needed. Swimming is a perfect sport to keep the tone and muscle mass in all districts, especially if you have an agonist and are thus able to “pull” (too many people in the pool training is low …) and practice exercises in order to develop the muscles.

The program to expand it to you should you require to make a good coach, even better from a personal trainer, unless you’re not already an expert, having attended the gym for a year and a half.

The hardest part of any program is to maintain the proper caloric intake each day. To do this you need to acquire a food consciousness that allows you to calculate at least by eye the calories you take or use tools that facilitate the task, such as the computerized food diet scale with calorie calculator from Digiweigh, DW-99.

Here are tips to gain weight effectively

Eat and drink containing carbohydrates and high protein. Like drinking a glass of milk every morning, eating half-cooked eggs, and avoid foods high in fat.

  1. Drink supplement that can increase your appetite. For example, protein supplements and creatine.
  2. Adding a diet. For example, if before this you only eat three meals a day, try to add five to seven times a day. But do not forget to pay attention to the nutritional content of the food.
  3. By adding a complete vitamin for your body.

Additionally, you should provide small, frequent snacks, so as not to create an excessive feeling of satiety that could lead to the abandonment of the same diet.

Example of a fattening diet of 3000 calories or so.


  • 300 ml with partially skimmed milk with a teaspoon sugar
  • 7-8 biscuits


  • Bread 100 with 3-4 teaspoons of jam or honey or 30 to 40 grams of meat


  • Main course of pasta (100-120 grams) with a sauce made with plenty of fish or meat or cheese
  • A piece of raw or cooked vegetables seasoned with extra virgin olive oil
  • Fruit


  • 100 grams of bread with a portion of the second course (meat, fish, eggs, cheese or beans) seasoned with extra virgin olive oil
  • A piece of raw or cooked vegetables seasoned with extra virgin olive oil

After Dinner

  • A fruit or a glass of milk

Gain weight is more fun than a challenge to lose weight but requires the same commitment and the same determination. The main key to achieve the desired weight is DON’T LOSE HOPE!