How To Determine Baby Sex

Having babies is a dream for every married couple in the world. In the 1st pregnancy, there are some couples planning to have a baby boy and some of them would like to have a baby girl. So here are some tips that may help you to determine the baby sex before you deliver them.

Before we go further on how to determine the baby sex topic, please let me explain what is the characteristic of male sperm.

Actually, the sperm determines or the main attributes of the baby’s sex because it brings chromosomes of X and Y. Meanwhile, the female egg is only brought X chromosome. Depending on which one fused – XY (boy) – XX (girl).

Chromosome Characteristic:

  1. Y chromosome is moving more energetic and fast compare to the X chromosome. Even-thought X chromosome is moving slow, but it’s live longer than Y chromosome.
  2. In term of resistant, Y chromosome is more likely resistant to the alkaline liquid, while the  X chromosome is more resistant in the acid liquid.

Planning A Baby Boy

  1. The acid foods like citrus fruits, pineapple, mango, vinegar, drinks gas should be kept away for 2 months before trying. The seafood is recommended, iron nutrients, calcium and magnesium are also needed.
  2. Eat plenty of vegetables to both couples, man and woman
  3. Intercourse during the fertile time in her hatching day (ovulation) is important.
  4. Deep penetration. I mean try to cum close to her cervix because sperm carrying the male gender (X chromosome) but this rate does not last long. So if it is close to the cervix, it is likely to be fused first with the ovum and the boy gender is form.
  5. Convert liquid from vagina to alkaline by doing ‘douching’ or wash the vagina with a special tool. Insert 20 ml bicarbonate liquid into the vagina about 2 hours before sexual intercourse. bicarbonate liquid (sodium bicarbonate) can be bought from pharmacies.
  6. Injecting the male seed (artificial insemination) after undergoing semen husband ‘layering’, or test tube baby treatment (IVF) and embryo that has been selected for inclusion into the men confirmed the uterus. Both of these methods is not allowed if only for a baby boy.
  7. If the pregnant is a boy, the stomach-shaped is oval.

Planning A Baby girl

  1. Encouraged to eat acidic foods like lemon, tamarind, pineapple, vinegar, water and other carbonated beverages. Don’t ever to eat seafood.
  2. Eat plenty of meat (chicken and beef) for both couples, man and woman.
  3. Sexual intercourse done before hatching her eggs (ovulation). Do not have sex for 5 days from the day ‘ovulation’ which can be detected by tests of fertility.
  4. Subsurface penetration, mean cum away from the cervix. This is probably the male sperm that carry X chromosome can not survive long and die. This wills help and provide an opportunities for female sperm that carry the Y chromosome fused with the ovum.
  5. Doing ‘douching’ with liquid acid (very dilute lactacyd) 2 hours before intercourse is made.
  6. If the pregnant is girl, the shape of woman’s stomach  is a round belly.

Just sharing the knowledge to those who want to design their babies. These tips are only an effort to determine baby sex. We just need a bit of effort and resignation. Whatever the fate is, all on God will. We can only try