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How To Choosing Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is not an action to be taken lightly. Domain names are actually the address of your website. But better than a physical address is the first contact with prospects or customers. It is a gateway and allows you to convey a message to the targeted customers.

Indeed, this approach is part of the communication action. Choosing the domain names is also a criterion of classification and relevance for search engines. An appropriate choice of domain names complementary to a strategy for search engine optimization (SEO).

The domain names are the key to your Internet presence, the entry point of your website, and the indispensable vehicle of your online identity.

Most of the search engines take into account the words used in the domain names. A domain name and URL keyword-optimized thus improves positioning. In this context, several domain names can be taken. So I advise that you to choose the best domain name to increase your website visibility on the internet.

Choosing domain names is complicated and non-specialists often tend to downplay the importance of this element in the establishment of a website. Yet it is an essential step not to “miss” if you do not want to get stuck with problems more or less important and that an almost final.

Definition of a domain name

The domain name is the central part of the Internet address that is typed into the browser to reach a website. This address is composed of three elements: the prefix (http://), the domain name, and extension (also called the top-level domain or TLD).

Each element of a web address is separated by one point. Here is a scheme which will certainly be more meaningful.

Here are some points to consider when choosing domain names, starting with how the selection of domain names until to the explanation of tool that you can use for choosing domain names based on the targeted keywords.

Selecting a domain name

There are two possibilities for choosing a domain name.

1) Choosing a domain name containing the keywords important

This method has the advantage to ease of reference site on the keywords contained in the domain names. This may be a good strategy if the topic is relatively competitive and position itself on these keywords is critical to the success of your project.

In addition, visitors will know immediately by looking at your domain names, which is the subject matter of your site, which can save you a few visits.

2) Choosing domain name represents your brand and products

Although the trend is the systematic use of search engines, there is still a very large number of Internet users whose primary reflex, to find the site of a brand or a store and type them in the bar address of their browser.

It should also be aware that if there is little competition in the name of your store or your brand in search engines, the fact that it appears in the address of your site offers a good chance of finding yourself in the top positions on search “brand” or “store name” without having to perform any SEO process.

Now that you’ve determined whether your domain names will include the keywords important or it will be comprised of the name of your brand or store, you must follow certain rules to ensure that it will be most effective.

Therefore, you should avoid the possible domain names too long.

Your domain names must be composed, ideally, to one or two words. If you are forced to exceed this limit try to make a sentence so that your visitors can remember easily.

Also try to follow the habits of Internet users if your domain names have two words separate them with a dash (-), if longer attach the words within them.

Do not use the unusual symbol to avoid disturbing the user

Finally, watch the competition, check if your domain names are free with each extension. Even if your domain names are still available but with the other extension such as .Co, .Info and etc, you must ask ourselves whether it is wise and worth choosing a domain name with that extension.

Your visitors could mistake and type the address with .Com and thus fall directly from your competitor which could have unfortunate results more or less depending on the content of that site.

Also, do not reserve your domain names in an unusual extension such as .Info, .Biz… etc. These extension is frequently rank well on the search engine result unless it has high-quality backlinks.

You will then understand that it may be useful for security reserve for your domain names in multiple extensions to ensure that your competitors will do no harm to your sites.

3) Choosing domain name by check its competition – To rank well in SERP, you must choose your domain names wisely. Monthly traffic and competition must be considered if you won’t rank your website at the top of the search engine.

Gorge Brown’s sniping tips were to teach lots of webmasters about how to choosing a domain name which is in low competition, high targeted traffic and the best is, it helps you dominate the search engines by placing your website at #1 without any backlinks.

A support tool for choosing a domain name

The tool that I recommend for choosing a domain name is DomainsBot.Com. Indeed, webmasters registering thousands of domain names every day but there still remains much of the domain names available. I personally pass a dictionary of 40,000 words and finally did find a dozen of potential NDD.

This tool was developed for helping webmasters in choosing domain names… helping in search of the relevant domain names with the targeted keywords based on its synonyms, add prefixes or suffixes, etc. It will then display the state in which the domain names are found, indicating the particulars:

  • Available – This means that the domain names can be bought with the normal price. Once you find your desired domain names, you can register them on a domain registrar such as GoDaddy.Com.
  • For sale – The domain names sold on Sedo.Com. You can buy it at a premium price. The minimum price is basically around $60.
  • Registered – In this case a takeover attempt at the base, otherwise check the expiration date of the NDD and its status. If it is an expired domain name, go-ahead place your backorder to get it.

In advanced search, you can select only .Com and .Net extension. Display only those are free or for sale, excluding dash with NDD, exclude those with numbers, etc. You may watch this video for details on how to use this tool to choosing domain names…

The DomainsBot.Com remains for me as one of the best tools to help webmasters choosing domain names by offering new combinations that I never thought without it. Play around with this tool until you know well how to use it in the right way. I believe you will find it useful for your online marketing projects.

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