How To Attract A Woman

There are several things that you should know before attracting a woman to make her like and love you. Some of them might think by having a good looking face, they believe that women will fall in love with them. But actually it was not. I’ve done a survey (ask my women colleague friend) about things that they like in a man.

Actually, there are many other things (besides good looks) that a man must do and aware of before attracting a woman. Here are the 6 basic things that you should know about how a woman evaluates a man before deciding to fall in love.

1. Maintaining Personal Hygiene

As handsome as any man, if he does not maintain his personal hygiene (dirty clothes, put on a stain, odor), only have good looks does not mean that he will be able to attract a woman feeling. Everyone (except those crazy peoples) prefer a clean appearance.

So, make sure that you always have a diligent bath, comb hair, cut nails, and always brush your teeth before going out of the room. Can you imagine that a handsome guy with a smell of body like a shrimp paste? Do you want to stay beside him? Absolutely not. So, it is very important to maintaining your hygiene because if you are not, believe me, people will turn away from you.

2. Have a Sense of Style

You do not have to follow the style of dressing like David Beckham or Robert Pattinson to look stylish. What you need is wearing clean cloth, neat, and not messy. Wear appropriate clothing that suit with your appearance. Not necessarily branded. For those who have a mustache or beard, make sure that it always be trimmed so that your appearance looks more pleasantly.

3. Have a Sense of Humor

Men who have a sense of humor are usually very popular. Why? Because women have enough problems in their lives and they want someone who can brighten their lives. They want someone who can reduce their stress. When stressed, the woman basically wants to be accompanied by her partner to cheer her up. Believe it or not, most comedians in the world have and married to beautiful women.

4. Caring

No doubt, a concerned person typically is caring and kind. There are many ways to show concern or indicated a sense of caring for women. For example, leading hands when crossing the road, help her to take foods, and calling her to ensure she’s safely reached the house. these are some examples of caring that can be considered minor and trivial but actually have a tremendous impact.

5. Always Smile

A smile is an accessory and the most effective way to make and remain looks younger. Even if you’re not handsome, but always smile when meeting someone, your face is pleasant to look and make them comfortable while converse with you. Believe me, more peoples will come close to you and make a friend. Conversely, if you are a handsome guy, but have a long and tight face, no one will dare to come close since your appearance described you as an arrogant man.

6. Cool/Serenity

Serenity is symbolized by maturity. When a woman is facing a panic and confusion situation, that is when a man with a great calm that come to deliver the solution will definitely attract the woman’s feels. How could a man who full and always stress and panic can attract a woman fall in love with him?

These are some steps or tips to attract a woman especially for those men who are looking for a woman to be made as his soul-mate. Now, here’s a question for the women readers of this post. What characteristics of a man that desired by your heart???. Please share your opinions here so that everybody especially man will prepare for it. Thanks.